WiT Ace

‘WiT ACE’ is a platform that offers accelerated career experiences for women, through all the stages of their professional life.

As agents of change we partner with organisations and work with communities of women at workplaces and educational institutions to ensure women talent transition into capable workforce for more gender balanced ecosystems.

All in All Week

A unique week long virtual skilling summit aimed at creating actionable & real world impact for women, with the motivation of achieving an equal future in a Covid-19 world.

Spread over 5 days – including panel discussions and an open mic to a one of its kind virtual skilling zone, ALL In – ALL Week takes the core philosophy of Engage, Enable, Employ and turns it into real world impact driven action.


10,000 +

Registered Participants

30 +

Skilling Booths

10 +

Panel Discussions

50 +

Open Mic Stories

  • Skilling &
  • Mentoring &
  • Celebration &
  • Leader boards &
Panel Discussion
  • Speaker session with eminent women from various works of life
  • Celebrating women in tech, sports, education, corporate and more
  • Recognising the stories of women (first responders) from the fight against Covid 19
On the Mic
  • A virtual open mic evening for women of all ages, shapes & sizes to come together, connect & empower
  • Personal stories, performances, narrated in creative formats via video entries based on the theme of - Choose to challenge
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Skilling Zone
  • Going beyond the chatter, we focus on skill development that can aid & help women in real world situations
  • Soft skills, functional skills, tech skills imparted via 3 company booths
  • Sessions & workshop that focus on women leadership & gender equality within organizations