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Why You Should Join Community ?

WiT is building one of the first kinds of Women Only Tech community. It aims to provide a platform for women to engage and network with other community members. The community brings largely 4 different types of stakeholders together such as Students, Junior-Mid level working professionals, Senior-level leadership women and Learning & Assessment platforms.
The community is a great place for Students and Working Professionals to learn and acquire key skill sets in the tech space through our partner platforms like Great Learning and Aspiring Minds. WiT also conducts a hackathon which is a great platform for community members to participate and compete with other people which will give exposure to real-life problems. They can also network and get the chance of mentoring from senior leadership women which will help them find better work opportunities. Similarly, Senior-level leadership women can hunt for great talent and interact with other cloud computing industry leaders on the WiT community platform.

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