Wocademy Offerings
Tech Trainings provided by WiT ACE are based on 10 leading technologies in the industry
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Big Data
3D Printing and Modeling
Virtual Reality
Cloud Computing
Cyber Security
Internet Of Things (IoT)
Robotic Process Automation
Mobile, Web Development & Marketing

WiT ACE Functional Development Programs focuses on developing all round skills in order to grow in your Career
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WiT Select is a network of industry experts and professionals who help mentor and nurture women keen on exploring and building careers in STEM. WiT Select support development of women professionals towards fulfilling their aspirations & potentials in reaching positions of leadership and influence. This is done through mentoring that provides a continuous engagement by helping the mentees realign and recalibrate their drivers, mindsets & behaviors
WiT ACE provides assessments that can be used to self-assess your skills as well as gives you an extra edge while applying for jobs on our portal. We offer 2 kinds of assessments
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Wocademy is a unique platform offering women skill building opportunities across the Training ecosystem. The programs have been meticulously curated to meet the needs of women across all levels and will make their Journey from classroom to Boardroom much easier. Wocademy is a capability academy designed especially for women professionals in STEM. Creating an immersive learning journey for individuals and businesses through a practitioner’s perspective with focus on competency mapping, succession planning and capability development.