Employment opportunities for Women in technology sector is very limited in our country. A recent McKinsey study shows that the contribution of women to India’s GDP is 18%, one of the lowest proportions compared to rest of the world, reflecting the fact that only 25% of India’s labor force is female. These statistics tell us how low gender diversity is followed by organizations here. Also there are less number of notable leading female faces in India’s tech, who can not only serve as inspiring role models but are also paving the way for future female leaders through their innovative work. To solve this undeniably gender gap and keep a gender balance in the Indian tech sector, WiT ACE provides Job opportunities through Career Fairs and online Job Boards that help connect Corporates looking for hiring talent and women who aspire to seek their careers in STEM.

We hope that the right engagement and enablement will lead to skilled and motivated women workforce willing to work in STEM thereby making a difference and positive impact to how technology shapes our future.

To facilitate this gender hiring in STEM, we have the following interventions


Career Fairs

These are conducted with a focus to get professional women talent across various experience levels together. The unique format of WiT ACE career fair encompasses following concurrently
  1. CXO sessions and networking
  2. Learning sessions on Tech skills and other development sessions like speed mentoring
  3. Self-assessments or company led assessment to identify gaps and leverage development sessions to build skills
  4. Recruiting process carried out by multiple companies’ basis on the spot assessment and on site interviews

Job Boards

WiT ACE job board as suggested focuses on hiring by ensuring right matching of candidate to job specs and also by giving options to companies and individuals for refresher courses before a formal process of staffing commences. Any job opening could be tagged to an assessment that enables each applicant to go through online screening. This helps organizations and interested applicant assess how they fare vs required skill sets there by enabling development or further progression on the staffing process


WiT ACE offers specialized tools for our candidates, designed by our experts to help women who aspire to boost their careers in STEM. Our tools majorly focus on making candidates introspect about themselves and preparer or modify their profile in line with the current demands and trends of the market. Apart from the tools that we offer at our platform, we even customize tools as per the need of a candidate. Some of the tools that we offer are-
  2. Self-reflection questionnaire
  3. Effective CV writing
  4. Critical life events Analysis
  5. Effective networking