As per global fund for women ‘Access to technology, control of it, and the ability to create and shape it, is a fundamental issue of women’s human rights. Closing the gender technology gap means helping girls access training and educational opportunities in STEM and IT. We will invest in work that helps enable and empower girls and women through assessment, skill building and mentoring to pursue opportunities in these fields. So as to see more women and girls playing leadership roles in designing and shaping technology, especially to advance women’s rights. And Stronger, more inclusive national and global women’s movements, collaborating regularly to share resources and ideas, and develop common advocacy strategies




Enablement is about identifying the current level of skills at a point and then reviewing it against a desired or a future requirement. This is achieved through very reliable and valid assessments that are carried out on ASPIRING MINDS. Aspiring Minds is a platform that tests the essential predictors of work success: critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills, as well as lets you know your proficiency in tech. In order to strength the women demographic in the industry they have specialised assessments centralized around Women in Technology.
These specialized assessments are designed across a variety of technical skills which are core and relevant to the industry. These assessments are largely leveraged for development of women professionals, to enable them to choose right technical courses from our catalogue that range from beginner, intermediate to advanced. Further organization may use the tests for assessments in staffing for various roles posted on the WiT ACE job board.


A comprehensive catalogue of courses is available from WiT ACE partner, Great learning that have been customized to Women in technology. Great Learning is an ed-tech company that offers programs in career critical competencies such as Analytics, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Full Stack Development and more. Their programs are taken by thousands of professionals globally who build competencies in these emerging areas to secure and grow their careers. The main focus of collaborating with them is on creating industry relevant programs and crafting learning experiences specially woven around requirements and shortcomings women face in the industry, which helps them apply and demonstrate capabilities in areas that are driving the future.


Women in technology sectors, face a unique set of challenges when progressing in their career through various positions, including unconscious bias, a scarcity of role models, and a peer group that continually shrinks the more senior they become. These can make striving for progression in the technology world, a lonely and frustrating endeavor even in organizations with the best intentions to support their top female talent. Women executives and even ones which are just starting their careers, rarely have an opportunity to come together and share their experiences in a learning environment that has direct relevance and personal impact.
WiT ACE Development Programs, are designed to create just opportunities, focus on learning about self development and leadership. It also addresses leadership issues that affect all executives, in a forum that hones in on the unique challenges women encounter apart from creating a network of today’s women manager and new leaders, all the while empowering them to take hold of their careers and aim for the top.

WiT ACE Select

WiT ACE Select is a network of industry experts and professionals who help mentor and nurture women keen on exploring and building careers in STEM. WiT ACE Select support development of women professionals towards fulfilling their aspirations & potentials in reaching positions of leadership and influence. This is done through mentoring that provides a continuous engagement by helping the mentees realign and recalibrate their drivers, mindsets & behaviours. For this a WiT ACE Ally works one on one to advice women professionals in technology in a structured way, through experience sharing and guidance along the way especially when women are faced with life cross roads, to ensure they remain steadfast on the path to success.


Increased clarity of personal and professional goals and working on a roadmap to fulfill aspirations for Women in technology chords.
Increased self awareness, supporting the process of sound decision making to ensure an effective impact for careers of women in technology
Enhance new collaborations and network across the industry.


WiT ACE offer educational and hands-on STEM programs that promote creativity and innovation, and inspire girls to pursue STEM-related careers. Girls Rising In Technology (GRIT) programs are made possible through the generosity of corporate sponsorships and support. Program speakers, mentors and committee members volunteer their time to create a difference in the lives of the future generation.
Girls Rising in Technology is guided by 5 core beliefs
  • Clarity
  • Conviction
  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Connect