Chapters is a framework that includes a cluster of leading organizations that supports WiT ACE in spreading its roots across the country. These organizations invest in generating impact through various social and technical initiatives with focus towards a common objective of increasing the women participation in STEM.


Partner organizations will focus on different projects under chapters based on the following pillars:


WiT ACE in partnership with organizations provides programs to reach out to schools and colleges.
Companies engage with faculty, students and parents with focus to encourage and enhance more girls to join STEM and technology domain. This is being done through specific education programs focused on generating awareness in STEM subjects and through real-time experiential learning.


WiT ACE Allies: WiT ACE provides a platform for organizations to support upcoming talent across industry through mentorship program to enable careers in STEM.
WiT ACE Development Programs: It supports programs for women who are in early-mid career stage and leadership positions. It aims to give them an opportunity to understand workplace challenges such as work-life balance, stereotypes career advancement barriers, workplace harassment etc.


WiT ACE in collaboration with organizations support in hiring and staffing of talented women in technology.
In order to shift the needle for gender-based hiring in STEM. We conduct ‘career fairs’ with a focus on recruitment activities carried out by organizations.

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