Coming together and working collaboratively provides an exponential momentum to our individual efforts. Given the agenda and keen interest from women and corporates, WiT ACE provides a collaborative platform to engage and understanding systemic issues in our eco system, working on action plans wit communities . Further such engagement effort helps us connect with various partners and refine our approach and efforts through continuous feedback.


The WiT ACE corporate chapters are PAN India with a few corporates taking the lead in their respective geographies. Currently these operate in Delhi/NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad. These corporates support in the efforts on outreach programs, called WiT ACE GRIT, dedicated for schools and colleges, thereby helping address concerns of young girls, so as to fastrack their aspirations of careers in STEM. There are also lessons and experiences shared in various sessions, provided to aid educational efforts that has shown to induce an easiness for this sector among young minds.
Further chapters also focus on building professional talent at various experience levels in the industry. There is support provided via mentoring efforts through WiT ACE Select program. This is done by senior leaders from participating organizations who mentor women STEM professionals from entry level to senior level depending on their needs. Organizations, in these chapters, also support the talent pipeline efforts with key focus on bringing women who may have taken career breaks, back to work. This is done through structured programs developed for interested cohorts of women in the organizations.
Research indicates that peer learning or community learning is one of the most effective ways of development. So, WiT ACE came up with communities which focuses on most basic skill sets and sectors, in order to provide a support for women in those respective communities. These communities engage online and offline on topics of interest. Platform encourages networking and asking all the questions that one may have been hesitant to ask on their area of interest. There are also regular guest AMAs from industry veterans, specializing in respective communities.
Bootcamp & Hackathon
It is evident that in order to amplify one’s expertise on a skillset, specially in technical industry, one should take part in more and more core activities. Thus, WiT ACE organizes regular Bootcamps and Hackathons, in order to encourage women of all ages, to learn new skills as well as test their capabilities in front of reputed firms and other talented participants. These regular events create a buzz of their own, witnessing involvement of large corporates and reputed colleges which even provide professional opportunities at the end of each such event.


Engagement is core to understanding each other. It is the first step towards solving the issues of gender diversity that this forum purports to resolve. The connectivity between women STEM talent (potential or current) with organization will help us focus on problem that matter for the future, keep the action plans relevant and help the forum stay on course. Chapter, communities or bootcamp efforts are to boost connectivity and make the eco system more harmonious so that all collectively become part of the solution