By taking part in core activities, one can amplify their expertise on a skillset. Hence, Wit ACE organizes regular Hackathons and Bootcamps, that encourages women to learn new skills or enhance existing ones. This also tests their metal against other candidates. The events that we organize, witnesses participants from 50+ corporates and 100+ educational institutes, asserting their dominance across all technologies.


Bloggging not only improves technical and communication skills, but also works as a repository for one’s knowledge. It is also evident that corporates are keen to hire and rely on candidates who have showcased their ideas on any kind of blogs, thus providing opportunities to advance one’s career. WiT ACE Blogothons are planned keeping all of these points in mind. In these events, candidates are divided into multiple teams and then a problem statement is thrown on which each team has to present their ideas via a blog. Best articles are rewarded as well as showcased on WiT ACE platform. NEXT ON: May 2020
There are multiple challenges that we as a society face in the 21st century. Solution to each challenge can be found with an idea. WiT ACE believes that Women hold the potential to drive the world to a better future and hence, the main objective of Ideathon, is to find ideas to problems humanity is currently facing. In WiT ACE Ideathons, teams are divided based on skillsets and profiles and hence are given unique problems. Each team then has to come up with a solution, which can actually be implemented in the current times. The best ideas are chosen based on their feasibility and impact. Best part of these Ideathons are the partner patents given out at the end of the event to the most impactful idea that will make these ideas see light of the day along with industry experts. NEXT ON: July 2020

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