WiT ACE believes that gender diversity helps businesses flourish and achieve desired organization goals. In spite of gender diversity programs, there exists a wide gender-gap in organizations. WiT ACE conducts career fairs with an emphasis on bringing together women from early to mid-career stage and leadership positions.

What is Ignite - A Virtual Career Fair By WiT ACE?

Ignite - A Virtual Career Fair By WiT ACE is conducted in collaboration with organizations with a common objective of up-skilling, training and bringing employers and talented women in tech on the same platform. Career Fair follows the below format which runs simultaneously
Networking & CXO Sessions
WiT ACE brings more than 100 business leaders and over 1000 women where CXO share their expertise, latest tech trends and their learning.
Masterclass & Speed Mentoring Session
WiT ACE in collaboration with Great Learning offers Capsule module courses on tech like Data Analytics, Big Data etc and structured mentoring session to women for their personal and professional development.

WiT ACE in partnership with Aspiring Minds provides self assessment or company based assessment tests to identify the gaps in learning and improve on it.

WiT ACE in collaboration with organizations conducts recruitment process accompanied with on-spot interviews. This platform gives talented and deserving women to meet with potential recruiters and provide opportunities to excel in tech career.
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