Enrollment Date: Sep 8, 2021 - Sep 9, 2022

About this course

Let's build inclusive economies! The session encourages and provides appropriate knowledge to increase the representation of women working in financial institutions and in decision-making positions. 

By the end of the session, you will learn about: 

1. Holistic approach and long-term commitment from all development factors to achieve women’s economic empowerment 

2. Integration of gender-specific perspectives at the design stage of policy and programming

3. Understanding the approaches and partnerships needed to scale up women’s economic empowerment

Program Structure

This is a 30 minute session on coaching for performance where the speaker, Jayashree Rajendran, Director Web development @ NASDAQ, stresses on agenda of gender diversity which will help promote innovation and competitiveness in business

Meet your trainer
Jayashree Rajendran
Jayashree Rajendran
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  • Duration
    30 Minute(s)
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  • Key Learning Area
    A comprehensive understanding of how women plays an essential role in creating inclusive & prosperous economy.
  • Training Format
    Online Instructor Led
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Meet your trainer
Jayashree Rajendran
Jayashree Rajendran