Enrollment Date: Sep 13, 2021 - Sep 14, 2022

About this course

Creative adaptability! New Normal requires new thinking. The conversation in this session covers multiple technical as well as soft skill aspects an individual shall have or develop, to be successful. Stretch your goals. 

The key learning from the session are : 

1. New normal requires new thinking 

2. Possess different problem-solving skills to successfully overcome challenges and pursue opportunities for growth 

3. Leveraging new found innovation skills for long-term success

Program Structure

This is a 60 minute conversation focusing on different areas of Innovation, development and COVID-19: challenges, opportunities and way forward

Meet your trainer
Nikhil Malhotra
Nikhil Malhotra
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    1 Hour(s)
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    What reality of technology can produce! Open innovation ecosystem
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    Online Self Paced
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Meet your trainer
Nikhil Malhotra
Nikhil Malhotra