Enrollment Date: Sep 20, 2021 - Dec 6, 2021

About this course

An organization is only as good as its culture—and building that culture is every manager’s and employee’s responsibility. As today’s headlines prove, an inclusive work environment is not just a nice-to-have, it can make or break a company. You can help make your organization a more supportive and engaging place to work by understanding the perceptual, institutional, and psychological processes that impact the ways people interact with each other. Starting with a look at employee engagement, then identifying interventions surrounding unconscious bias and specific diversity and inclusion strategies, this program is appropriate for anyone committed to going beyond mere compliance to build a truly aware and inclusive work culture.

The certificate program will help with following areas:

  • Understand the approach to D&I which reflects the vision and values of the company, and execute a strategy with the right policies and processes
  • Benchmarking the program to global successes
  • Measuring and setting up metrics to rate progress and effectiveness of D&I initiatives
  • Explore the diversity, inclusion, approach, and discover how to activate it in your organization
  • Drive the conversation on D&I, hire and retain diverse talent, listen to employees, and integrate D&I into your employee life cycle
  • Learn how to roll out a diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIBs) program tailored to your company's unique needs
  • Promote your program and keep the momentum going strong with employee- and leadership-led content.

Why should one attend?

  • Assess and improve employee engagement levels
  • Enhance organizational culture in your team and company
  • Assess stereotypes and prejudices that may influence behavior in work groups and learn methods to improve the psychological safety of all employees
  • Examine strategies for implementing ethical standards
  • Create a D&I approach at the forefront of your Brand Value as an untapped catalyst for business growth
  • Harnessed correctly, it is a powerful tool for business development

How are we different?

  • The future of business growth lies in understanding and preparing for changing behaviors and unique groups in the workplace. This program strives to achieve meaningful results by overcoming the fear of doing diversity incorrectly. We create an effectiveness journey and a tool for thriving in the business world harnessing the diversity of thought, approach and a sustainable perspective to the future.
  • The program is appropriately and exhaustively designed to create perspectives, buy in, apply tools and measure progress.
  • It is a one of its kind certificate program, allowing for participants to gain an end to end experience of what a D&I strategy and execution plan should be.

Program Structure

The certificate program is 6 hours training program, split into 3 modules of 2 hours each.

  • Each of the Three segments is structured into multiple modules of 120 mins each
  • The program is run online, platform to be used to be discussed
  • There are pre-reads and post-reads as part of the prerequisites to the live group discussions
  • Classes are conducted by SDA Bocconi and SDA Bocconi Asia Center faculty

Target Audience

  • D&I managers
  • HR Managers
  • Business & Departmental heads
  • Aspiring D&I consultants

Topics covered in the program are:

  • Diversity and equality: Understanding D&I
  • The business case for diversity—why do you care, & why are you here?
  • Benchmarking & Getting Started
  • Creating a Strategy
  • The gap between DEI theory and practice
  • Operationalising the DIP
  • Coaching and mentoring for Diversity
  • Increase Diversity in Leadership Roles
  • Communication of Initiatives
  • Evaluating the Success of Programs
  • Enabling Employee Led Initiatives
More information about course
  • Duration
    6 Hour(s)
  • Level
  • Category
    Self Enhancement
  • Key Learning Area
    Diversity, Inclusion , Equity, Practicing DEI at your organization
  • Training Format
    Online Instructor Led
  • Certification