Enrollment Date: Aug 17, 2021 - Aug 17, 2022

About this course

Session will help understand the approach to start up world, fund raising and unspoken truths and insights of Venture Capital world for women who want to take on the start up world.

This is a conversation with Arvind Mathur(( CFA, FRM), Chairman, Private Equity Pro Partners) on the basic understanding of Venture Capital World for Women Entrepreneurs.

1. Understand the basic about VC and Private Equity
2. Learn about the investment criteria in VC's
3. Get to know about private equity through case studies

Program Structure

This is a 50 minutes self paced course with Arvind Mathur on getting familiarized with the Venture Capital environment.

The takeaways are:
1. There is no age associated with becoming an Entrepreneur
2. Understand about different characteristics of a Startup
3. Learn about the ways a venture capital funds any organization

More information about course
  • Duration
    50 Minute(s)
  • Level
  • Category
  • Key Learning Area
    Venture Capital World, How to raise funds
  • Training Format
    Online Self Paced
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