Enrollment Date: Aug 18, 2021 - Aug 18, 2022

About this course

This is a two part series with Juliet Rajan on Azure Fundamentals by our exclusive learning partner Microsoft.

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform, just like Google has it’s Google Cloud and Amazon has it’s Amazon Web Service. Generally, it is a platform through which we can use Microsoft’s resource. Azure cloud concepts distinguish azure core service Azure security, privacy, compliance Azure pricing. Also, supports Microsoft azure security, privacy, compliance and trust.

The agenda for this masterclass series are: 

1. Explore Azure Cloud concepts 

2. Distinguish Azure core services 

3. Examine Azure security, privacy, compliance 

4. Review Azure pricing and support

Program Structure

This is a 5 hour extensive two part series on Introduction to Azure Cloud Computing.

Module 1
1. Why Cloud- Definition & Benefits
2. Different types of Cloud Models
3. Different types of Cloud Services 

Module 2
1. Networking - Defense in depth
2. Azure Identity - Authentication, Authorization and MFA
3. Security Tools- Azure Security Center
4. Azure Governance, Compliance and Monitoring

More information about course
  • Duration
    5 Hour(s)
  • Level
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  • Key Learning Area
    Fundamentals of Azure Cloud Computing
  • Training Format
    Online Self Paced
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