Enrollment Date: Aug 19, 2021 - Aug 19, 2022

About this course

RPA is a type of business process automation in which anyone may create a set of instructions for a robot or bot to follow. RPA bots can emulate the majority of human-computer interactions in order to complete a large number of error-free tasks at a high volume and speed.

Let's learn about the fundamentals of RPA from Rajesh Kumar (CMO, Ui Path). It allows industries to automate tasks across various systems. An industry that implements RPA can automate its entire workflow, infrastructure and other backend processes, which are mostly labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Program Structure

This is an exclusive 52 minute self paced conversation between Rajesh Kumar(CMO, Ui Path) and Arjun Sawrup on Robotic Process Automation.

The points covered are:
1. What is RPA?
2. Difference between RPA and intelligent RPA
3. Skills required to become an RPA expert

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Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar
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    52 Minute(s)
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    Introduction to Robotic Process Automation in various industries
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    Online Self Paced
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Meet your trainer
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar